Communicating with Loved Ones Regarding Medical Care Has Now Become Easier
Posted by hipaacompliant, 01/02/2018 10:19 am

Millions of patients undergo medical procedures every day. While the patient is typically sedated during the procedure, family and friends are not. Often, they are left eagerly awaiting news of their loved one, and a HIPAA Compliant Text APP can be of great help in providing updates as the procedure takes place. More and more people are turning to mobile devices to obtain information. When it comes to healthcare, they should be able to do the same and, with the help of apps of this type, they are now able to obtain information about a loved one's medical procedure in a timely manner.

What the App Can Do

With the help of the HIPAA Compliant Text APP, doctors share customized texts, photos and videos with patients and their families. The app uses secure encryption to guarantee all communications remain in compliance with HIPAA regulations, and the medical care becomes more transparent. Family members and friends feel they are more included in the care of their loved one thanks to the app, as they aren't waiting for someone to come update them. This type of communication has never been seen in the medical field before, and all who make use of the app find it benefits the in numerous ways.

Healthcare Apps for Doctors

How the App Increases Patient Satisfaction

Families often experience a great deal of stress when their loved one is in surgery or in the NICU. They don't know what is going on and must sit and wait for information to be passed to them. Using the app, the medical team can provide this information quickly, as a staff member is designated for providing the updates. The patient and his or her loved ones cannot communicate with the medical team, however, as they need to be focused on patient care at this time. Any person with a loved one undergoing a medical procedure will benefit greatly from use of the HIPAA compliant app. In fact, Doctor to Patient Satisfaction as well as Hospital Patient Satisfaction ratings increase when an app of this type is used.

Communication is key when it comes to a person's health, and having an app to share information with the patient's loved ones makes the sharing of information easier. Check it out today. Hospitals may request the app for use in their facility and patients can ask their doctor if they make use of the app. Although not all do so yet, the time will likely come when this is a standard part of healthcare for all.

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